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Gravel driveway, Restor, Rejuvenate, Install and removal of all Driveway. Gravel, Recycle, Asphalt, Limestone and decorative rock

Our Product

No more muddy shoes

We are determined to provide to you the very best quality and an array of option that is suitable for your home or business. Our goals are based on maintaining the standard below that is offer to all:

• Superb performance, timeliness,  and safety record.

• Customizable Services

• Competitive Rates

• Reliability, Longevity, and a full suite of resources.

• Commercial and residential

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The finished product is not based solely on our views but rather the ability to not only meet the current standards but to meet your specifications. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the customer a product that will meet their current need and will also last. Your driveway no longer has to be a mud puddle during the rainy season, and here are the types we can place down:


• Granite stones(Plantation Mix,

                           #57, #789 Ect.)

• Recycle Asphalt

• Limestone

• Recycle Brick.

• Recycle Concrete



Driveway removal and replacement

Hiring a knowledgeable specialist for driveway removal not only ensures that you preserve and enhance the appearance of your home, but is also a cost effective method for increasing its value. With extensive experience in driveway removal, Divine Work Express LLC. offers excavation and demolition services for removal of any concrete area or other drive way material on your residential or commercial property in the Beaufort and surrounding area.


Safe and efficient excavation services

We offers reasonable rates for the removal and orderly disposal of your driveway in Beaufort and surrounding areas. Divine Work Express LLC. also provides services for any residential demolition project and can partially remove your driveway and also replace with a new Gravel Driveway


Inspections for a driveway

Divine Work Express LLC. inspects your driveway in Beaufort, Saint Helena Island & Jasper county to determine its safety for withstanding regular use and to adequately support your vehicle. .

Each excavation project begins with a detailed written proposals for any type of driveway removal from tar and chip, to stone, tarmac or flagstone. You never have to worry about damage or debris left on your property. We never leave any job site until our customers are satisfied!

Contact Divine Work Express LLC for a free over the phone driveway removal or Install at (843) 473-5811.

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