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Excavation Services

We offer a full scope of earthwork services. This allows our customers the simplicity of working with only one contractor. We will schedule the necessary manpower and equipment to meet or exceed your construction deadline with the highest quality results.


Standard services include but are not limited to:

  • Soils Remediation

  • Topsoil Striping, Stockpile and Re-spread

  • Grade or reslope ground

  • French Drains


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Excavation is an essential first step for many renovation projects, and by contacting Divine Work Express LLC. you can get things started on the right foot.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, haphazardly digging up patches of your property can cause serious damage. Excavation work is much more complicated than digging a hole where you need one; why risk severing a water main or otherwise damaging your property, when getting a pro to handle it is as simple as giving Divine Work Express LLC. a call? 843-473-5811

Honest, Straightforward Excavation Work in Beaufort

We are always sure to provide our clients with a quote before our shovels touch the ground, so you can be certain you’re getting the most competitive price in Beaufort. Our clients often remark on how much they appreciate our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to excavation. We remove all the financial guesswork, allowing you to focus on how beautiful your property will be, rather than how much it will cost you.

Divine Work Express LLC. is skilled, and with up to date machinery we are able to work on projects of all sizes. When we are finished, we make sure to leave the area in an orderly state, so you can move immediately to the next phase of your project, rather than wasting time and money cleaning up the mess left on your property.

Land Excavation Services

Let’s say you want to turn an unused area of your lawn into a garden, but the soil or vegetation just doesn’t allow for it. Divine Work Express LLC’s is able to boost your soil quality by careful excavation work, giving you the chance to grow the garden of your dreams. Adding a garden can have a huge impact on the value of your property, so contact us to get the ball rolling!

Contact Divine Work Express LLC To Get Digging Today!

Other companies may get the job done, but there’s a big difference between doing a job and exceeding client expectations, which is Divine Work Express LLC’s forte. Contact Divine Work Express LLC today, and let us be the first to break ground on your exciting new project!

Land/Brush Clearing

Living in the Lowcountry has brought great joy and serenity to many, including myself. With it's natural beauty comes undeveloped and overgrown section that sometime blocks the very nature that we have come to love.

Whether you need someone to clear a path or an entire lot, Divine Work Express LLC provides land clearing and tree care expertise to Saint Helena Island home and business owners.


No project is too small and our specialty is also in getting the lot cleared for your new home. Call us now!!!!!!!!!


Why Choose a Professional Land Clearing Service?


Clearing the land of trees, shrubs and excessive weeds is not a do-it-yourself task. Topsoil must be preserved as much as possible during weed elimination, which normally requires heavy equipment and technicians experienced with handling machinery. We at Divine Work Express LLC. can assess your property and clear land and lots for new construction, roadways and other projects that include:

  • Visibility and landscape balancing with ponds

  • Creating visibility for crossing lines

  • Power and utility line maintenance

  • Eliminating invasive plant species

  • Restoration for wildlife habitats

  • Creating riding or pasture trails

  • Clearing for hunting properties

  • Creating fire escape access

  • Natural growth management

  • Managing forest fuels


Divine Work Express LLC. can clear properties quickly and safely. Whatever your specific needs, we are equipped to get the job done right and prepare your property for any project.


Environmentally Friendly Lot and Land Clearing

Residential properties owners in Beaufort & Jasper county look to Divine Work Express LLC for environmentally friendly, low-impact land and lot clearing. Our tree clearing methods never involve burning or smoke pollution of any kind. Neighboring shrubs and the roots of any trees you wish to preserve are handled with care.

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